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How to make working from home more fun and more social

Stoneage Remote Socialising – Budweiser 1999

Deborah Watt

As much of my work is made up of telephone/skype based coaching sessions, I work primarily from my home office. I have done this for the best part of 10 years and I love it!

However, based on my memories of getting started and recent coaching sessions with clients new to this style of working, I know how hard it can be.

Once you start working from home, one of the biggest things you are likely to miss is social contact. No more chatting over coffee or tea breaks, no more drinks after work on a Friday, no more chatting about sport or TV after the weekend.

As many companies are getting better with social media, it is likely you may have meetings arranged with your team via Slack, Teams, or WhatsApp, but do you have any less formal hangouts?

This is an area where I feel it will be useful to share tips, we may be working from home for some time.

Here are some ideas from clients, colleagues and friends:

  • Have a drink and talk rubbish over a group chat at the end of the day.
  • Talk GoggleBox style via WhatsApp while you watch a program together.
  • Have an office Bake Off and post pictures on Instagram
  • Share pictures or give virtual tours using your phone of your workspace including pets.
  • Start group projects where you can share updates e.g growing chillies or herbs on your windowsill
  • Revel in the fact your morning commute can be replaced by some stretching or exercise.

What are you doing in your workplace?

Remember to keep it fun, keep it social, and stay safe.

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