What we offer

Bridgeborne’s services are focused on Employee Support, Absence Prevention and Vocational Rehabilitation – promoting job satisfaction, employee wellbeing and reduction in absence duration. We are psychologists and accredited therapists who specialise in making individuals and teams as fit as possible to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.  Our engagements cover three main activities: Structured Assessments; Tailored Support Interventions; and Training for teams and individuals on managing pressures in the work environment.


Our assessments allow us to clearly understand an individual’s situation and experiences.  We try to understand the wider context and history of any situation (work, domestic, health) while assisting individuals to be clear and specific in their vocational aims. We also encourage clients to understand and define the barriers they face in achieving these aims.  

As part of the assessment the types of intervention that would be appropriate are discussed and agreed. Our recommendations are tailored to the nature of the barriers and our approach is flexible, recognising the different capabilities of individuals and their situations.
An assessment with Bridgeborne should feel like a helpful conversation. Our customers and clients alike appreciate our jargon-free and easy to act upon reports.

Tailored Support Interventions

Over time, we have found our support will generally fall into a number of categories aimed at achieving different types of vocational goal. These are offered as specific services, with the details following the recommendations from our assessment.

  • Work Focused Coaching (WFC) 

Bridgeborne’s work focused coaching is based on the premise that everyone subjective challenges are different. Based on a programme agreed with the client, coaching activities are selected to support individuals to develop skills and coping strategies to address their specific barriers and achieve their vocational and development aims.

  • Managed Return to Work (MRtW)

Where additional support is required to help an individual return to and maintain employment, Bridgeborne can facilitate this through a managed return to work. This can include working with the employer as well as the employee, providing support, helping to structure phased return plans, and managing conflict.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

Where barriers relate to a common mental health disorder, Bridgeborne offers therapies to address this. Support is provided by our HPCP registered Practitioner Psychologists and BABCP registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.  We offer a range of evidence based techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Behavioural Activation.

  • Career Coaching (CC) 

Whether by choice or necessity, when an individual needs to change role or profession, Career Coaching  provides targeted support to help them develop the skills and understanding needed to take ownership of their career.  We can help individuals understand their skills and career options, use appropriate psychometrics and questionnaires to focus job searches, and support them through practical elements such as CV clinics, coaching and interview skills.

Training Solutions

Bridgeborne provides short courses to help employees build resilience and better manage stress. These range from half day courses that focus on specific areas of understanding, to two day courses that aim to build protective skills and behaviours in staff. We have courses aimed at employees, at those managing staff and for executives setting policy and targets.

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